Aviva Community Fund

Fellow Towcestrians

We would very much like you all to vote for a couple of projects that we have submitted to the Aviva Community Fund on behalf of Towcestrians Sports Club. This is a fantastic opportunity for the club to get some cash grants from Aviva. We have already been lucky enough to be accepted for the scheme after being heavily scrutinised and now need your support.

The Votes That Really Count

Please just follow BOTH of the links below, register and VOTE

Everyone has 10 votes which we would like you to split 5 each for the two listings below:



Project 2022 is for Softball and Junior Tennis Kit, and Project 2025 is for a Trim Trail. Details of what we are asking for are listed on the project site as well as details of what we are trying to achieve for our members and the community.

We desperately need you to vote for one/both of these projects. These grant applications by no means affects us applying for other grants from different organisations for other projects like obtaining more playing field land, in fact if we are seen to be actively doing things for the good of our community it will definitely tick the right boxes as we apply for other grants!

Each of these projects have been accepted under the strict Aviva rules but the way in which you gain the money is by public vote – hence our appeal to you all.

Please do go on site and submit 10 votes for our projects and if you could also be persuaded to get all your friends and contacts to do the same then that would be amazing.

Many thanks for anything that you can do to help.

Please help. Please Vote

Towcestrians General Committee