Business Scrum – coming to Tows

For all you business people out there amongst the Tows community we are starting in a Business forum

Here is a marketing quote from our Commercial Committee to give you more information as to what it is all about and how to get involved! It’s all about networking. It’s not what you know but who you know and it would be good to do business with some of your fellow 1,100 fellow Towcestrians, wouldn’t it!

“Through their partnership, Towcestrians and Black n Rounds have created the Business Scrum to support local businesses big and small across the county.

By offering a calendar of relaxed and innovative business networking events at the Club, we offer a great location for you to meet up with other likeminded, successful people.

We are opening the doors for you to talk about opportunities, share best practices, meet potential new clients and customers and support each other around the county, all in the great surroundings of Towcestrians Sports Club over a drink and a bite to eat.

Why not come along, you never know who’ll you’ll bump into, or what partnerships you’ll make of your own!”

We are hosting the first Business Scrum at Towcestrians on Tuesday 25th November. A tasty hot meal is included in the price of £10 for the night. Please see the club website for details : or contact Dannie McDonald directly to get involved and reserve a place!