Business Scrum – Sign Up Today!!

Our Second Business Scrum will be on 16 April and convenes at 6.30p.m. for an informal chat and drink chat drink – members are welcome to bring marketing materials to put round the room if they wish. This will be followed by a lively and entertaining quiz.

Membership and cost:
* £30 per year Membership per company or sole trader
* £10 per head each event (including dinner and the event on the night)
* 6 meetings a year (every 2 months funnily enough!)
* February, April, June, August, October, December for 2015
* £10 per head for Members Guests
* £20 per head per night for non-members normally but to encourage new members to come along we will reduce this to £10 for this event

To register and purchase your membership or book your place at the event – please visit and ‘browse subscriptions’

Please please pre-book your place at the events in advance by contacting or purchasing online via webcollect.

The whole idea of the Scrum is that we create a social event with an opportunity for you to meet new contacts and customers without the normal formalities of a networking do, but we are happy to promote all members’ businesses, and if you would like to do a presentation about your business during one of the evenings, or set up a table/stand showing your business then you are more than welcome, just let us know and we’ll book you in.

Each meeting will be arranged around an social event- Quiz Night, Saints Game etc. and we propose that events will be organised based on Members requests/votes, the Business Scrum is being created for You, and we want you to contribute to when and what it becomes- that’s the fun part.

If you want to learn commercial skills, understand policy and compliance issues, learn about PR and Marketing, share best practices, find a good accountant or book-keeper, talk to a Business Coach, find out how to save money on bills, and so many more, we can give you the forum to do so.

If you have new products or services you want to shout about, let us know, if you have good news, let us know!……. the aim is to support your company and add the personal touch lost in traditional networking meetings by providing an arena You can influence to maximise Your business and Your revenues.

We will be creating a directory of all members’ businesses on the Towcestrians Website, and will encourage all Club Members and Visitors to view the directory when looking for any service or supply, as its grows or when needed, we will create a dedicated Towcestrians Business Scrum website, which will be designed to allow members to send us offers, incentives, news, interesting facts and referrals for us to post, and let you give positive feedback on services you have received to encourage or assure others. In the meantime we’ll email those out.

So why not come and join us on Thursday 16th April 6.30pm, have a bite to eat and see if you think your business will benefit……………. you never know who you might meet.