Calling All Netballers!!!

Ok, so you haven’t played since school, or maybe you are still at school but are looking for a team/club to join! Or perhaps gave up long ago and want to remain active and play walking netball? Well Tows Netball could be for you!!

We have been asked by many of our members, friends and supporters to start a whole new section. Netball is the biggest female team sport in the
UK and has over a million players playing every week. it is also one of the biggest growing sports in England and has seen its popularity grow by 16% last year alone. It is getting great TV coverage making the sport even more popular.

The only trouble is, there are not many clubs in the area providing a netball court and facilities. So why not The Mighty Tows!! We are converting one of the floodlit tennis courts for multi-use to have a netball court painted on it, and we are having a meeting with England Netball, who are very keen to get involved, give us help and support to get Tows Netball off the ground.

So, we are looking to start a netball section which will not only have the backing and support on one of the region’s best sports club but we also have plans to expand, we just need you to rock up and join us! It is the start of something very exciting.

So please register your interest of helping to set up the section, coaching or playing, please contact George Newton