Chesil Beach Update

There have been may rumours about what is or isn’t happening to pitch 3 (Chesil).Because of the delays acquiring the land to widen pitch 3 and to put training lights on there, we will not be able to have Chesil exactly how we want it for next season. It is simply too late to do all the necessary groundwork, drainage etc we want to do for a top quality training area. However, because we can’t afford not to have Chesil out of action for this season we will be doing the following work: READ MORE

As soon as we own the extra land, likely to be early July, we will rip up the fence and work on the extra piece of land needed to move and enlarge Chesil to it’s proper size and position.

The whole of the pitch will then be worked on to have it playable for September.

The overhead powerlines will be removed from the new property in August and the 4-training light installed.

Next spring, the whole pitch will then be dug up, levelled, drainage put in and special treatment to the top surface to bring it up to top spec. We hope to be working on the new pitch 4 in the meantime.

The training area will not be affected for this season and will be in use as usual.

We hope you will bear with us during all the developments and help where you can. What we are planning for the development for the future of Tows is large and complicated. Work does not proceed as quickly as we would like, because of funding, politics and the weather! We shall be asking you to support fundraising for the different aspects of the project and if you would like to get involved in anyway at all please contact a committee member!