Club Development Plans

We promised to keep you updated with the progress of the exciting new club developments. Please be patient! This is a long-term project, that will be completed in stages as we raise the money for various parts of the project!


However, we have started with some improvements already. You may have noticed a pile of 240 tons of “Planings” at the end of the car park. These were obtained by our Project Manager, Steve Hartley, who got them FOC from Balfour Beatty, we are indebted to both!


These will be used to repair the current car park and expand it. This work will be done very soon as we all know, we can never have too much car parking!


But we also have some other very exciting news! READ MORE We have just heard from one of the charities we applied to for money to help us buy the land. We have been successful with our grant application in full of £150k. We can’t at the moment announce who the benefactor is, until they do a press release but has enabled our legal team to start the completion of the purchase of the land. We should be proud owners of the land (a 60% increase on our existing property!) by Christmas.


We will then be asking for volunteers to help us clear the land, rip up the existing fence etc. The more work we can do ourselves, the greater the help we will get from other funders…..


We are currently working on designs for the new 6 changing rooms with a function room on top, with balcony and grandstand from it. As soon as these are finalised and approved we will put them up on display in the clubhouse.


Exciting times at the Tows….