We have BIG plans for Towcestrians. And we’re excited!

As you can see from the plan here (image of site map of plans), we have already begun to extend the Towcestrians site, and our hopes are that by June 2020, work will be complete. Tows will have truly enviable facilities.

To keep you up to date with progress, we’ll be posting regular articles in our news section. Please do join in and get excited with us!

Development plans for Towcestrians

With the negotiations for additional land now complete, funding and weather permitting… this is what you can look forward to by June 2020. Don’t ever say we don’t think big…

Cricket: A brand new cricket pitch, although the existing pitch will also be retained. This additional pitch will be sited on the new land we’ve secured, and will boast a new pavilion and localised parking (March, 2020).

Rugby: Pitches 1 and 2 will remain as they are. Pitch 3 (affectionately known as Chesil…) is our first priority. The plan is to level and drain it, and add floodlights (September, 2018). At the same time, it will be moved slightly and enlarged. Funding has already been secured for the necessary changes to the power supply. It’s then also intended that a new pitch, Pitch 4, will be sited on the new land, along with the new cricket pitch. This is going to take a bit of time, but we’ve got it in our sights for early 2020.

Hockey: It’s been a source of frustration for some time that hockey cannot be played on local pitches. This is going to change! A new all-weather hockey pitch is planned (Autumn, 2019). This will also be available to other sports when weather prevents use of some of the pitches.

Tennis and netball: We have great plans for 3 new outdoor tennis courts with floodlighting, that are also marked out for netball (May, 2020). We are then planning, in addition, 3 indoor/covered courts as well (April, 2020). Again, these will be available to other sports when the weather’s playing up.

Softball/baseball pitch: We’re going to be marking up Rugby Pitch 2 for softball/baseball, with back nets being added behind the batting location.

Jogging track/trim trail: The full perimeter of our extended site is going to be maintained to provide a superb jogging track/trail with ten exercise stations located around the route. It’ll be 1.2km long.

Petanque: 3 pistes will be included, so players of all ages and abilities can join in (June, 2020).

Clubhouse/gym: We’re planning a 2 storey extension to the clubhouse (March, 2019), which will see the addition of six new clean changing rooms on the ground floor, and an extra bar and function space on the first floor. The first floor will also become home to a viewing gallery for the new multi-functional gym (Autumn, 2019). There will be a 200 seat viewing terrace overlooking Rugby Pitch 1. And a new patio area in front of the clubhouse main entrance.

Extra car parking: We’re looking to increase the car parking facilities by a hundred spaces (Summer, 2019). This will give us a total of 320 spaces… which is going to make hosting events much easier!

As you can see, there’s a lot going on at Towcestrians over the next couple of years. Please do check our news updates for progress. These are exciting times for the club. Come and join in the fun!