Development News, what next?

We have been working with our Civil Engineering contractors, architect, planners and others about what to do next.

The main bulk of the ground works will start as soon as the weather permits from next spring. It will involve applying for soil dumping licences, which will be undertaken by our contractors. discharging the conditions of our planning application for change of use for the new ground. This will take approx. 8 weeks to complete. Applying for planning permission for a new access onto Greens Norton Lane for the contractor’s lorries and creating a service road to the new land for the contractors. READ MORE

In the meantime, in preparation for the new access and service road, we are hiring a firm to lop all the tree branches and shrubs that have encroached along Pitch 2 and our new land, and we will bring back into use more of our original land. Whilst the machinery in there to do this, we will take the opportunity to prune other areas of our boundary and land. (lots more wood for the bonfire! See separate post!). It is proposed that when the groundworks have been completed to keep the service road for maintenance use and will also form part of our 10 station “Trim Trail” outdoor gym and jogging track! Something similar to this!