Development News, what’s happened recently?

Things are gathering pace with our brand new £4.7m Development Project!

Since we acquired the land in late august we told you how we managed to take part of our old boundary fence down, widen Chesil beach pitch and install new training lights which are now up and running.

The lights fully illuminate Chesil (pitch 3), but also have the ability to light up to the 22m line on pitch 2, and will be able to light most of pitch 4 when it has been constructed next year. They each have individual switches which gives us great flexibility to illuminate what will become one of the best training facilities in the area.

But we haven’t stopped there…… Frank Osbourne (Club Chairman) and his team have been assisting in the erection of our new boundary fence. READ MORE

This entailed the removal of the remaining old fence and clearing the area. Putting up a 2m deer fence to protect the chickens next door from the foxes, installing a pedestrian gateway at the corner of the fence, so we can retrieve any errant rugby and hockey balls in the future and a large vehicular gate at the bottom on the new land, as the farmer still has right of way across it!



We really do encourage you to take a walk around the new area to get the scale of what we have bought. Thanks to all involved, especially the Development Committee and our funders…..