Dog Fouling

It has been brought to the attention of the General Committee again that there have been recent instances of dog fouling on parts of the playing areas of the club premises. Whilst we are a rural sports club that embraces dogs as part of the its culture, we can’t allow dog mess onto any part of our premises, especially as we have a lot of children on the grounds.

It is noted that more and more people are using Towcestrians as a dog walking area. It is not. It is a sports playing field. We will continue for the moment to allow members who clean up after their animals to use the perimeter of the club to walk their dogs.  But, if any more dog mess is found we will enforce a total ban on dogs at the club. This is a last warning! Please make provision to clear up any mess and dispose of it in the appropriate way, preferably take it off the premises. READ MORE

Notices will be put up around the club and playing areas accordingly. Please report any violation to the committee or email immediately.

Furthermore, we have had complaints from the local farmer, who we currently rent land from for M&J training and matches on Sundays and he wants a complete ban on dogs on his land. This will be enforced.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.