Eco-friendly Reusable Towcestrians Pint Glasses

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the New Towcestrians Poly Carbon re-usable pint glasses for all outdoor use at the club.


These stylish (and collectable), durable, Eco friendly glasses, similar to the ones the Saints use for all their outdoor drinking vessels, are another step forward to enhancing your experience at outdoor events held at Tows.


With the help of our generous sponsors, Event Solutions, Wilcox Fabrications and C.G.M. we have developed what we hope will be an ongoing series of re-useable drinking vessels.


We have for safety reason been using until now flimsy, plastic disposable glasses for ALL outdoor use. This brings its own cost which is just discarded after use, but also its own problems. The glasses are flimsy and beer spillage ( a heinous crime!) is common but also are often discarded and create a litter problem which attracts another cost as well as staff having to come and collect and dispose of them.


So here’s how it works! Like the Saints, we ask for a deposit of £2 (roughly the cost of producing them!) which is refunded after use or indeed if you should want to keep them, then we have no objection as they are great souvenirs of Tows and make terrific summer outdoor glasses.


Staff are instructed to tell you how the scheme works and we hope in due course to roll out the scheme to half pint glasses as well.


We do hope you like and enjoy using them and if collecting them look out for the next batch in the spring.


If you would like to sponsor the next batch please contact Chris Spackman


they are terrific value for a sponsor as they are used all season and by lots of different people.