Golf Day

The results of the spring meeting of TOGS are listed below. A record turnout of 45 keen if not professional golfers descended on Silverstone Golf club last Friday and tried to redesign the course with their clubs! Our beloved leader Robbie George (8 handicap!) can be seen searching for his entire teams balls in the rough where they had to play from (see picture!!) Good fun format and friendly and ideal course to play. We hoped all enjoyed the day and will return in September!

Congratulations to Frank Kinner, Gary Turner and Mark Easton the winning team

1st. Frank Kinner, Gary Turner, Mark Eaton 57.7
2nd Steve Bryden, Mike Bristow, Gaz Vaughan, Jamie Dunning 57.8
3rd = Adam Wilkinson, Andy Thomas, Ben Roe, James Falvey 62.7
3rd = Tom Darwin, Pete Wallis, Carter, Gemma English 62.7
5th Mark Yeats, Dave Moss, Kevin Wafer, Chris Packham 63.8
6th Kieran Frost, Chrissie George, Alex Chalcraft 64.4
7th D Cunningham (Sco),G Thomson (Sco), K. Adams, J. English 64.6
8th Marin Parish, Jack Parish, Heinrich VW, Lee Hadley 66.1
9th Phil Wilkinson, Pete Clare, Jack Russell, Clint Bond 66.6
10th M. Parry (Wal), M. Gurnett, M. Whitehead, Tony Bates 67.3
11th Robbie George, James Petit, Jack Wood (Aus) 69.1
12th Juliet Parish, Gavin Lewis, Alan Lewis, Danni Edwards 69.6