Message board and missing items

The message board is temporarily out of action at the moment where normally you can check up on team news, social calendar and other news about the club, kept constantly up to date by Richard! We apologise for this and it should be up and running again soon.

The reason it is not working is because someone must have thought it hilarious to take the remote control. We are an open and trusting club whereby we rely on the overwhelming honesty of our members and guests to look after the club and all that’s in it. However there have been of late one or two items that have gone missing, such as the remote, a fire extinguisher and bottles of champagne. Apart from the cost of replenishing the items some of them put the club at risk and the people using the club and a great inconvenience!. Please be vigilant and if you see or hear of anything suspicious please inform a member of the Committee. It is worth remembering the whole club, both inside and out is covered by CCTV which we will use if need be.