Message from the Chairman


Dear fellow members and supporters of Towcestrians Sports Club

Great News About The Future Of Towcestrians

You may be aware that we have, for some number of years, been wanting to buy more land to increase our facilities, not only for our immediate requirement but also for the future as both the Towcester population and our popularity increases.

I wanted to be able to let you know that we have now been able to secure the funding to purchase approximately 60% more land. This is now out in the public domain and, subject to approval from you the members, we are close to completing the deal with the neighboring landowner.

Consequently, we will be calling an Extraordinary General Meeting on Thursday 3rd August, where those eligible will be able to vote on the proposal to purchase an extra 8 acres of land.  At this meeting we will present plans of some of the options for development that the new land will give us.  It is a very exciting proposition and we hope you will ALL come and see the plans.

We will be sending out an official notification of the EGM after our next General Committee meeting.

Purchasing the land is just the start of the ambitious development plans we have for the next few years and we will need a lot of hard work to make it happen, plus a lot of fund raising!

We will be revealing our fundraising plans at the EGM and those individuals that have been involved in getting us this far will also be there to answer any questions you may have.

The options include bringing Hockey back to the club, more grass pitches, facilities for our new Netball section as well as sport and exercise opportunities for the whole community.

I look forward to welcoming you all on the 3rd August, 9pm.  Please do try to attend. It is very important that we have the full backing and support of the Club for the greatest thing to have happened to the Tows in decades.

Kind regards


Mark Austin

Chairman of Towcestrians Sports Club

July 2017