New Changing rooms and clubhouse

As part of whole project, we need to have more changing facilities, especially for the “dry” sports teams such as hockey, tennis, netball etc. With Hockey for example, there will usually be 2 teams playing and then 2 teams waiting to come straight on afterwards, therefore needing 4 changing rooms!

picture of ladies hockey team

To maximise our sustainability in the future we will need to continually be bringing in revenue, so on top of the changing rooms we will have another function room and clubhouse. This area will be used for a clubhouse, events, meetings etc and will lookout directly over the 1st XV rugby pitch. It will also feature a balcony from which will drop a grandstand down to pitch level! The grandstand will form a much-needed storage space underneath too! READ MORE

The new building will also feature a much-increased Gym for AGW Fitness with all the latest equipment! Watch this space….

Our architect is currently working on plans to be approved by the General Committee and membership before we submit it to planning and you will have a chance to see the proposals in the near future.

It is proposed that we use the new building as our main focus for the fundraising needed from the members, supporters and sponsors of Tows. We need to show our co funders that we are willing to fundraise ourselves towards the whole project, so we will be launching the campaign very soon and ask you all for your support!

As ever we will bring you up to date with all aspects of the project and will post items on the website and put up photos and drawings in the club house.