New Development

Volunteers and contractors have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep our amazing new development project on track, great credit to all. READ MORE
Pitch 4 has been sown with grass and already the grass is coming through.

The hockey pitch is coming along in leaps and bounds and on course for completion in a couple of weeks’ time. This shows the shock pad being laid, before the final “carpet” goes down in the coming days!

Another great piece of news! We have been successful in being awarded the £20k needed to make the outdoor gym and trim trail. Thanks to George Newton in obtaining this grant from Northants Community Trust.

We will be starting this next spring after our contractors have got further along with the ground works. This will be a facility free for all the community to use but also will be of great benefit to our members and sections to work out on!

So, if you are planning to come to the club this weekend, either to play sport or socialize, take some time and have a stroll round to see what we have been up to.