New Development Update

Although initially our Civil engineers, Graham Churchill, pulled off the site at the beginning of Lockdown and we have had no lorries bringing in more material since then, they have sent back the digging guy (Mick the Dig!) who has done an outstanding job.
So, here is what we have been up to:
• All the protective Arris fencing has been removed and stored, enabling Tom to tidy up and mow.

• Pitch 3 aka Chesil is now fully operational and is one of the “finest new pitches anywhere in the country”, according to a leading pitch expert.

• Pitch 4 has been levelled and is about to have the topsoil returned and prepared ready for sowing in 2 weeks – time.

• The white container behind the tennis courts has been moved to near the tractor shed.

• The green container has been emptied and the contents, sorted and relocated to the new containers by the others alongside the road. The old green container has been removed and been destroyed.

• A new access road entrance onto the new car park behind the tennis courts has been put in place.

• Mick the Dig has removed the topsoil from the old training area and is now levelling the ground in preparation for work to start in 2 weeks’ time on the new Hockey pitch.

• Prestige Sports have been appointed as pitch contractors for the hockey and are working closely with us. They expect a 12-week completion deadline.

• Work has also continued to create the new cricket pitch and we expect Churchills to restart tipping soil in the very near future to enable us to finish off the new land works by the end of the summer.

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Cricket Pitch April 2020

So, you can see, we have not been idle. Work carried out by contractors and Tows volunteers all obeying the current correct protocol.

Pitch 4 April 2020

Site View April 2020

Overflow Parking

Pitch 3 Chesil Beach