New Development update!

Happily, after 30 months of negotiations and fund raising, Tows became the proud owners of 8 much needed acres of new land.

The land deal was finally completed on Thursday 23rd August 2018. A historic day for Tows.

The club is indebted to the many members and supporters that worked endlessly to make this possible!

Now the fun begins…

Tows development - taking down fence

Tows very own fencing contractors! Led by our chairman, Frank Osbourne, supported by Neil foster one of Tows solicitor who helped do the deal and Steve Hartley, Tows very own project manager, who just makes things happen!

Towcestrians development - fence down

Boundary fence down, now let’s start making pitches!!

Next week, the RFU lighting contractors will be on site to install the 4 new Training Lights, so no time to lose!

But we have not been just waiting for the land purchase to happen. Behind the scenes we have been preparing for the new development. Western Power have installed a much bigger power cable supplying up to 250 KVA’s into the club. this will future proof us for all our power needs, especially the soon to be installed training lights on an enlarged pitch 3 (aka Chesil!)

In conjunction with this, we have upgraded and repaired our existing drainage system which will not only improve the existing pitch quality but stop the flooding that happens on the edge of the tennis courts!

Regular updated will be posted on this page so keep checking back!

Development Committee