New Members Lounge

The general Committee have given the go ahead for the proposed extension and renovation of the members lounge which is the small room at the side of the bar. This work has been planned for some time and will complete all the new work on the clubhouse for the foreseeable future. This will see a new smart modern frontage to the club extending the area of the small room from 17sq mts to 39 sq mts, giving us a much bigger areas to hold our meetings but also a nice intimate lounge areas for members to use as a social bar hopefully enabling Tows to be open longer as a social bar with extra facilities such as food, tea/coffee to be more freely available. At such times when the members aren’t using the room it may also be able to be let out.
The front entrance will also be extended and smartened up which we are sure will agree certainly needs attention and lets us down somewhat.
The funding of this project by no means affects our main priority which is to increase and enhancing the playing area for all of our sports. Thus funding will come from grants etc that will not impact our other plans. There are some outline plans which are being considered which will in the near future be on display for you to see and comment on. It is hoped that if sufficient funds can be found then wok will commence after the end of the winter sports season and should be complete in around 6 weeks after that.
Part of the funding though will still need to be raised from the membership and one great scheme that everyone can help in is by joining our new Tows Lotto.