New Tows ‘Lotto’

Towcestrians is launching in the New Year a brand new fundraising scheme where all of us can participate to help fund some of the great capital projects we want to complete in the forthcoming months and years ahead.
The idea will be to pay a fixed monthly sum by direct debit via the Towcestrians Sports Club website “Join Us” area, which will go into a monthly draw for some really substantial cash prizes and the balance then going into supporting a club project that will benefit ALL members, such as the new members lounge extension.
That way you can have some fun in gambling on a prize monthly draw (which will be posted online and in the clubhouse) and also feel that your contribution will really make a difference.
Watch this space and the club website as to the launch date and full details, coming in the next few weeks! Please join and really make a difference in supporting the club.