Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

Notice is hereby given of an EGM of Towcestrians Sports Club to take place at the Clubhouse, Greens Norton Road, Towcester, to be held on Thursday 3rd August 2017 at 9.00 pm.

You are requested to attend and consider the recommendation of the General Committee to purchase 8 acres of adjoining farmland currently owned by Jillian Tromans.

The purchase is to be fully funded at no cost to Towcestrians

Extract from the Towcestrians Rules illustrating who has voting rights


Voting rights shall be limited to 5 categories of members:

  1. Senior, adult playing members i.e. those who are available to play for a team or have paid the appropriate subscription for a team. This category will have voting rights.
  2. The President and Trustees of the Club shall have voting rights.
  3. Life and Honorary Life Members shall have voting rights.
  4. Section Committee members, and General Committee members, who do not qualify in any of the above categories shall have voting rights.
  5. Officers of the Divisions – a maximum of four. For the avoidance of doubt, other Division Committee members do not have voting rights unless they qualify under another category.


For the avoidance of doubt;

Vice Presidents do not have voting rights.

Fully paid-up members of the Club under the age of 18 years will not have voting rights.’


ALL members of Towcestrians and supporters are welcome to attend the meeting.


Simon Knibbs

Honorary General Secretary

General Committee

Towcestrians Sports Club

July 21st 2017


Agenda for EGM of Towcestrians Sports Club 9.00pm Thursday 3rd August 2017


  • Welcome and address from Mark Austin, Chairman.


  • Address on behalf of the Trustees by Frank Osborne


  • Presentation of Development Plans. Steve Griggs


  • Formal Vote on the recommendation to purchase 8 acres of land.


  • Q &A Members of the Development Sub Committee


  • Launch of Fundraising Campaign. General Committee


  • Result of the vote.


Simon Knibbs

Honorary General Secretary

General Committee

Towcestrians Sports Club

July 21st, 2017