Pasta & Quiz Night

THANK YOU Clive Wright our Quizmaster, you did a brilliant job keeping the rabble in order and it was nice to have a large variety of questions and we were all pleased not to have too many embarrassing questions about Tennis, Cricket, Hockey or Rugby.

THANK YOU John English for giving up most of your day preparing the superb food, and thank you to your assistant chef, Tony Bates, who spent 3 hours chopping 15kilos of onions, 2 kilos of carrots, 2 kilos of celery and 1 kilo of garlic.

THANK YOU Tony Bates for all of the chasing around to getting the tables filled, helping in the kitchen, arranging the raffle, locking up and anything I may have missed.

The profit from the evening will go towards the Seniors Easter Tour Rugby Shirts, this year’s lucky city is Rouen, France. The shirts are casual rugby shirts which are worn around town, It helps keep us as a unit both on and off the pitch.