There have been a spate of reports recently from places as far apart as Helmdon and the A43 services, but today it was Towcester.

Various schools have reported this but yesterday Sponne School has written to parents and posted on Facebook, “This morning two of our boys were approached by a man in a car who asked to give them a lift.

“They were both shaken by this and reported the incident who passed it on to a member of our Senior Leadership Team. The police were called and they have given their account of the incident.

“The police have asked that we inform students and parents to be aware that there is someone in the locality driving around and approaching young people to get in to their car. He has done this on several occasions – all credible reports.

Advice to students – stay with a friend – don’t walk alone. If anyone’s behaviour is suspicious to get away and contact an adult. If they are manhandled to get into the car to scream/shout and get attention.

If they can remember the number plate to write this down and contact the police immediately.”