Positions Vacant

As you know we are a club run by its volunteers and as we grow we need more and more help as well as replacing some who have given up their posts for whatever reason. Currently we have a number of roles which need filling, so if you feel you can give up a couple of hours a week, it would be of great help. Here are some of the positions vacant at the moment:

Hon Secretary

A General Committee role which is mainly taken up, taking the minutes of the GC meetings and producing them for other committee Members in a timely manner. Sending out the agenda and general keeping order in the meetings. A very useful role.

M&J’s Rugby

The Mini & Junior Section are desperately in need of volunteers for the coming season.

Parents need to buy in to the club and section it’s our extended family.

They are all quite happy to pay their subs and bring children along weekly which of course we are very grateful for, but the club as we know run smoothly from a strong network of volunteers, our coaches and team managers commit to the club and help provide the basic team organisation on top of their own family/work commitments.

The very successful M&J section which ultimately grows the future 1st team and senior players for the club (out of 46 players who played for the 1st XV ast year, 38 of them came from M&J’s, something to be proud of!)

Over the last few seasons parents willing to volunteer has dropped off tremendously, we can all relate to the fast pace of life we all live now days but  this doesn’t stop the need for volunteers, we as parents can always do more to help but don’t always need to or want to, if the current clubs volunteers had the same thought process then the club wouldn’t exist.

When looking at the age of the club volunteers they are moving towards the senior years ( no disrespect intended), with very little drive and effort from the younger age band which should be the case, we can’t keep flogging the dead horse so to speak.

M&J’s desperately needs for this season a Chair and Vice Chair for the section, please help. Anyone interested please contact me as per below. full help, support and guidance will be given from the word go.

The club needs to encompass change to move forward with current times this can only happen with new and creative volunteers.

Kind Regards

Lee Kitching

Acting Chairman

07970 615623