Sponsorship Urgently Wanted

As is by now well-known Tows 1st Team Rugby Xv has been promoted to the National Leagues. This is a big step for club of this size. Towcestrians do not and will not pay its players or coaching staff unlike most of the teams in the league we have been promoted to. Therefore we need to fund our rugby section from within….

Because we will be travelling a lot further in the new league, there may be occasions that we have no option but to stay overnight and all the costs that entails, as well as the extra travel costs due to the size of the new division. We are looking for Sponsors, large and small to help meet the requirements of the national league. The extra costs, sadly, don’t stop at just travel. Our coaching staff have said that we need better training facilities and much needed training lights. We have been offered some grants for these but more money has to be found. There are also other costs which need to be met if we are to compete at this next level.

The coaching team want to implement new player conditioning plans as well as stamina improvement. There will be extra physio costs and also a player welfare scheme to fund.

So please if you, or someone you know or a business you are involved with can help, please contact us. There are many benefits to Sponsoring Tows, not just the great exposure that we will be able to give in the local and throughout the region but many other benefits. Packages are available to discuss by contacting: Richard Michael rmichael1952@outlook.com

Be part of the story, be part of the Tows success.