Sports Round Up


Almost a clean sweep! The 1st X1 had a terrific result in a hotly contested game to a very strong Student side unbeaten in the league levelling the game in the last play of the match. They remain 6th in Midlands Div 1.

Match report by Captain Kath Pittam

On the back of beating one big squad of students last week  (Loughborough) Towcester faced their second lot in Birmingham University who currently sit in third position in the league .

Birmingham brought a maximum squad of 16 against Towcester’s bare 11.

Straight away Birmingham pressed hard and Tows had a shaky start with some unforced errors and gave away a soft goal to Birmingham . Following five minutes Tows got into their swing and were like for like with Birmingham.

A composed skilful Tows side dispossessed Birmingham with a tackle from Nicola Pannell who linked up with Leanne Hirst who made a base line run with the ball and passed back to Pannell on the penalty spot for Tows to level.

Spurred on by the goal Tows won a penalty corner which was sweetly worked from a player of the match Laura Whittle injection to striker Ella Bevan the goal was disallowed as it was claimed to have hit a foot in the circle which both teams agreed it didn’t.

Beginning the second half at one a piece it was the students who took the lead first.

At 2-1 down Towcester needed a goal, in the last five minutes again a very composed Tows side won penalty corner after penalty corner finally managing to convert the final one to get the draw with 30 seconds left.

An extremely well earned point.

The 2nd;s and 3rds had great wins in Northants Div 1!



The 1st XV had a Cup game last weekend and simply blew away Men’s Own with a composite side drawing from First team, seconds and some very impressive youngsters. The Lewis Shield is a competition whereby no one who have ever played team that has won the Lewis Shield can play again in the competition. This is a type of handicap system to give other teams in the area the chance to compete more evenly, but the Tows were way to strong with some breathtaking rugby.

The Development team although bolstered by some 1st teamers having a run out came across a very good Nuneaton side and lost their “friendly” encounter. Nuneaton’s 1st XV play in the National league so this was great experience for the 2’s. The 3rd XV had a terrific game against Old Scouts 2’s and ended in a draw in their league game.