Team Effort Payed Off – by Mark Frost

This week was a selection Nightmare with players injured / away or having family commitments and with no game last week in was important to get a game in and with a mixed squad of players from all 3 Towcester sides came together to make sure the 2s got a run out prior to league games coming up so Tows travelled to Market Harborough and you know playing away is always going to be hard , John Causebrook lead the front 3 in his first game back for some months being out wit a injury . The came got off to a great start and less than 5 minutes in Tows scored their 1st try with Sam Aitchison and again 4 minutes later Alex Chalcraft crossed over the line to get his 1st try of the game . Callum’s Garwoods kicking was going to be tested with the crossing wind and was unable to convert the 1st but got his 2nd conversion. Tows had the control of the game but switched off and allowed M/H to get their 1st try but was unable to convert , This gave them the fire in the belly they needed and kept Tows under pressure which resulted in a yellow card to lock Rob Lees . M/H came at the Tows with hit after hit pushing the Ts back into their own 22 but the defence was there and the Tows kept pushing back until the half time came 12-5
With a switch of Hookers and some minor Adjustments to the squad the Tows came out and this time dominated the scrums which played to the advantage of the Tows backs as again speedy Sam A got his 2nd try on the 50th minute . The Tows Backs started to peel apart the M/H squad with some good forward play from Jack Snook , Jake Bates and normal prop Ali Haynes finding a new position as a flanker and together with the speed from Alex Chalcraft he got his 2nd try with some great running from full back James Hale .The pressure didn’t stop 3 minutes later the backs split M/H defence and Kris Ancil got his 1st try of the game after some weeks off and thus didn’t stop with Alex ,Sam,James and Kris pushing for the breaks and after a spilt ball by M/H Jack Snook collected the ball up and a nice off load to Callum Garwood he touched down for a try and Callum Jones got the conversion . Tows again fell asleep to let MH in to score which gave them a second wind and the put in a good attack which resulted in Alex Chalcraft getting a yellow card . Final score 34-17 to Tows ,

Team selection was a nightmare and a great effort from all to put out a team and get a win . To pick out one person for man of the match would be to hard so it goes to a 3 young lads who I think kept us in the game Jack Snook , Ali Haynes and the ladies man Batesy