The wunderbar Oktoberfest

You may have seen photos, heard the stories, been called as a witness or even been there……..

Tows had it first Oktoberfest for many a year recently and it was a huge success. Over 125 folk were there, a raucous night was had by all led by the Bierkeller Men umpah band who soon had the whole place rocking!

Traditional music and songs plus drinking games were accompanied by great authentic food, but the night was made by all those who dressed up in traditional costumes and really went for it! Frank completely demolished 2 chairs! Is that why he is call chairman? It was great to see all sections represented even the Softball guys turned up!

Special thanks to George Newton who spent many a long hour organising the event and his wonderful tennis section who helped with the catering, decoration and MC!

A brilliant event, thanks to all for coming! Do you think we should do another one next year????