Towcestrians Cricket Club – New Members Wanted – Roll on Summer!!!

February 2, 2015 / By: Mark Masiak / In:

Towcestrians Cricket Club is currently looking for new senior and junior members. They will be offering indoor nets during the winter months.

Like all sports there are a limited number of places available for junior members, dependant on the number of qualified coaches we have available; so it’s first come first served!! Should you require further information please refer to the Cricket Club website , or alternatively please email the relevant contact below:

Seniors – Roger Wilson –
Under 15 – Richard Kirk –
Under 13 – Andy Cater
Under 12 – Frank Kinner –
Under 11 – Cliff Davidson –
Under 10 – Neil Taylor –
Kwik Cricket – Richard Kirk –

Towcestrians Cricket Club is looking for additional junior members, up to the age of 15, to play in the summer leagues. The county junior structure is run for alternate years, with representative teams playing at Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15. Towcestrians Cricket Club also runs Kwik Cricket for those up to the age of 9 (preferably in years 4 and 5 at primary school any children younger tend to be too young to master the basics of cricket, without causing possible danger to the older members of the squad).

Given that the cricket section has a vibrant junior membership (with over 120 junior members registered last year) Towcestrians Cricket Club is well set for future expansion and development. Towcestrians Cricket Club plays between the months of May and August, through the summer, so the season is relatively short covering only 16 weeks currently. Other matches can be organised through April and September, but given the demands on the ground, any matches during those months tend to be played away from home. The South Northants Cricket League plays all of its games during the 4 summer months.

Winter Indoor nets are booked on evenings at Sponne School during February and March this year and we are hoping to recruit a number of players, particularly at Under 13 level (school years 7 & 8); we also have a few vacancies at Under 11, and Under 15. The Kwik Cricket is open to all to come and try their luck at cricket, often for the first time. Any willing cricket coaches, or keen parents are also most welcome!!

Senior winter indoor nets will be held on Monday nights, at Sponne School. These start on Monday 2 March at 7pm – and every Monday after that, through March.

Towcestrians Cricket Club was formed in 1933 at the same time as Towcestrians Rugby Club. Initially sharing the Mill field in Towcester, the cricket section of the Towcestrians has always been affiliated with the Rugby Club, and continues to play at the Greens Norton Road ground to this day.

Like most Clubs, the Towcestrians Cricket Club has had ups and downs; in the early 2000s the club was very successful playing a high standard of 50-over cricket in Northants Cricket League. Over recent seasons however, the section has lost a number of senior members, some as a result of retirement, and others seeking a higher standard of cricket elsewhere. In addition many members were finding it difficult to commit to such long games and the travelling involved. This led to a re-assessment of the club’s playing needs, and to our joining the local South Northants League, playing 40-over games, in an environment which is still competitive but less intense and as good for developing our younger players.