Towcestrians – Sports Update 8th January 2021

You will no doubt be aware that since the last bulletin of 1st January regarding “return to sports protocols”, the government has announced a new national lockdown.

The lockdown announcement contained new restrictions on the playing of outdoor sports and, as a consequence, we have decided to halt any planned return to organised sport at Towcestrians Sports Club.

Please be aware that all Towcestrians sports club’s sporting activities are cancelled until further notice. This includes all age groups and all adult activities.

Note that this includes all sporting activities under the auspices of Towcestrians Sports Club, whether at the club’s premises or elsewhere.

The clubhouse, the tennis courts and the hockey pitch have all been closed and locked.

As this awful pandemic continues to worsen, we encourage all of our members to do everything they can to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Hopefully, the measures taken and the roll-out of the new vaccines will mean that we will be able to start playing sports and mixing with friends at Towcestrians again very soon.

Until then, we wish all of our members well and urge them to stay safe.