Tows 81st Annual Dinner

This season has been successful for the club as we go from strength to strength. As always the club dinner is well attended across the senior section by players but a large thank you must be mentioned to all of our sponsors that attended on the night.
Club captain Liam Wilkinson our host for the nights proceeding kick of with awards from the RFU to members who have been recognised for putting in the extra effort as valued volunteers.

The awards went to John Tustain, Darren Snook, Sara Palmer, Donna Tingley and John English.

In recognition of over 50 years of service to Towcestrians Bob Price has his own dedicated parking space at the club.

First Team awards – Dougie Rattray, James Falvey, Craig Holton and Zac Osborne.

The Development Team awards – Dom Clark, Matt Huck.

The “Ultimates” 3rd Team awards – Tom Hutchings

Colts – Jake Bates, Alex Chalcraft, Charles Wilkins.

Congratulations to you all for an excellent season bring on next season .

Flowers were presented to Claire Wright, Liz Capurro, Donna Tingley and Sue Holloway for the sterling work these ladies put into the club.

Tourist of the year – George Symonds.

Club man of the year, this year went to a pair of brothers, they have put in a great deal of time and effort for the club and deserved to be recognised.
The Frank Folwell Cup was awarded to – Darren Snook and Adam Snook.

Photos of the night have been captured again by James Rudd and can be found on flickr