Tows Development Plans

Tows Development Plans

We intend to keep you updated with our plans to develop the club as mentioned before in other newsletters. We hope you are keen to hear about what is happening. Sometimes there may seem to be nothing happening, but believe us there is a lot going on in the background.

Currently we are going through the legalities to buy the 8 acres of new land we so desperately need. We hope to own the land sometime in November. The farmer has already agreed to READ MORE let us stake out the new boundary so we can erect the new boundary fence as soon as we own the land. We then intend to rip up the existing fences and hedges and “top” the grass to clearly show what we own.

We want to do this ourselves with the help of volunteers and will be forming working parties to help clear the land and have bonfires etc! PLEASE lend a hand. Please contact John English if you are willing to give an hour or two to help….

Ground work won’t begin immediately as plans need to be finalised (in progress now!), planning permissions granted and funds secured but the likelihood is that Pitch 3, aka Chesil, will be the first to be worked on, which will be levelled, drained, and floodlit. Once plans are finalised we will publish them on social media, via emails and on a special noticeboard in the clubhouse.

We still have masses to do with the project and need help with securing grants through applications, fundraising or practical help on the ground or with the Project Team. So if you have some spare time and something to offer please contact John on the address above. We are grateful for those who came forward following the EGM!

Please keep an eye out for our fundraising project for our members, supporters, friends of Tows and sponsors. We want everyone to participate and help raise some funds towards this great project we are doing, which will be a legacy, not just for the youth of the area but for the community as a whole. Details of the fundraising campaign will be announced very soon.

Thanks for your support!

Tows Development Committee