Trim Trail – coming to Towcestrians

What is that we here you cry! Well the trim trails are becoming increasingly popular all over the country. You will often find them in parks, woodlands etc. it is a great way of keeping fit outdoors and Towcestrians have been given the go ahead of being the first in the whole area to have one!
Situated around the perimeter of our 11 acre grounds, on areas not used for out mainline sports, we will be installing a series of workout stations to be used and enjoyed individually or as part of a set routine. Apparatus such as monkey bars, parallel bars, sit up benches, balance beams, tyre runs, isometric bars, vaulting stakes, chin ups and others will provide some great new ways to stay fit.
As some of our sponsors are already in the business of the materials we want to use such as timber, metal and tyres we hope everyone get to benefit. All the sports coaches have welcomed the idea and Adam and the AGW Fitness are already working on some exercise routines……..
To keep the costs down we will be looking for volunteers to help with some ground clearance and installation work when we have everything in place.
The Trim Trail will also benefit the local community and we will be offering the facility to local schools etc. it also helps to “tick” boxes when applying for other grants that we are providing “Community assets” . we hope you like the idea and support us in this project, making Towcestrians the best, progressive sports facility in the area.