Volunteers Wanted

As with all good clubs, they are only as good as their members and volunteers who do the sometimes-unseen work behind the scenes. We at Towcestrians are eternally grateful to all those that currently help in a huge amount of different ways. Volunteers not only help keep our finances in better shape, and help keep the subscriptions down, doing many jobs that would otherwise have to be paid for, but also create a great bond and sense of belonging.

However, as we are now embarking on a fantastic new development programme to leave a legacy for the next generation and the community, we are in need of even more willing workers to contribute to help the new development become a reality.

We are putting together a fundraising committee to raise some money towards part of the new project, the new additional changing rooms and clubhouse. (all will be revealed!). READ MORE

Your club needs you picture

If you can lend a hand in any way please let us know by contacting Terry Cattle Terry.Cattle@bcrassociates.co.uk or John English johnenglish@towcestrians.co.uk


We are looking for IT and social media people who can spread the word and do campaigns, update websites etc. Graphic designers, admin folk or anyone interested in fundraising by finding new sponsors or coming up with fundraising ideas, like crowd funding…….

We, as a club need to be demonstrating to other grant funders, that we to are prepared to do our bit, so please help!